Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Say Yes to the Dress

is a show on TLC. It's filmed at Kleinfeld's (a wedding dress store) and it follows brides and salespeople around the store in the quest for the perfect dress. I watch it a LOT. I think Jake is perplexed by this. Not because I'm still watching wedding shows (I watch a lot of them) but because I wasn't really concerned about the wedding dress while I was planning. I knew I wanted something casual and something that I could wear again. I never even actually went "wedding dress shopping", I just happened upon a couple while at the mall. Almost every time I'm watching the show Jake asks "do you wish you'd gotten a different dress?" And the answer is always "no." Don't get me wrong, I love wedding gowns and obviously I love to watch people try several in a row before they find the perfect one, but I really wouldn't go back and change my dress. One of my favorite things about my dress is that I know I'll be able to show my kids pictures one day and they won't be able to say "mom, what were you thinking?" I love looking at old wedding photos and seeing dresses that could still be worn today and I hope that in 50 years someone will look at my pictures and think "I'd love to have a dress like that."

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Margie said...

Timeless and traditional. Perfect in so many ways.