Sunday, April 10, 2011

Salvation Army (again)

It seems like I was just at the Salvation Army, but it was actually over a month ago. And we had other things to do in the area so I didn't travel over an hour just to go to the Salvation Army again. This experience at the SA was a bit different than most. We (I) usually find a ton of items that are super awesome and super cheap. Well this time we just got the "super awesome" part down.

Jake is actually the one to be credited with finding this item though, so let's blame him. He showed me this poster and I fell in love with it (he was already head over heals). Then I saw the price tag and it was one of those moments when you think "This has got to be a misprint. We're at the Salvation Army and this is a 3o year old poster. Why on earth is it that expensive?!" Well Jake pulled out his handy dandy smart phone and looked up comparable items on the internet. He said the few he found were about $40 more than the one we had in our hands. Still, unable to bite the bullet, we held onto this thing for about an hour while walking around and looking at other things. Finally, it was time to go and a decision needed to be made. We weighed the pros and cons. Pro: It's awesome. Con: It's expensive. But then I rationalized that this could be my birthday present (about a month early). And it was settled. Poster purchased.

It fits perfectly in our living room. I think our dreams of living is Sonoma County one day fueled our love of this poster. We actually found 1979 and 1980's posters later in the day at an antique store, but they were damaged and not framed so we kept our wallets in our pockets and continued walking.

I did find one cheap item at the SA though, this little painting that I put in the bathroom.

And a bit closer....

This is actually just a print, not a real painting, but I am so in love with it. I don't like the frame one bit, but it's one of those pictures with a paper backing so it would be a pain to change. I might try to paint over it though at some point.

I really want to design a wedding around this painting and my blue mason jars. Anyone want a free wedding designer?

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M3 said...

PLEASE don't paint the frame! I love it and will GLADLY get you a replacement. I'm very serious.

That poster is a fab find, too. I'm glad you got it for your b/d. Now, when the day arrivves, you already have all your gifts....oh, darn! ;)