Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Time Splurges

I ran a bunch of errands yesterday and decided to treat myself to a few spring time things.

The flowers were on sale for $5 at the grocery store and the dish towels were only $1.99 a piece at K-mart!

I picked up two of these rugs at K-mart. They were on sale for only $5.49 a piece! It's a good thing they were so cheap because Zulu has decided to chew them up. Yeah, it's been a rough day in Zulu land. Not only did she decide to ruin the rug, but she also knocked over a table by the front door, thus breaking a hurricane vase filled with potpourri and the cake topper from our wedding. The bride's arm broke off, as well as the grooms head. I can't find the head though so I guess I won't be gluing it back together. She spent a while in time out after that little incident.

I also did a 5k run yesterday. I don't normally like 5k's because they're such a short distance and when you're a slow runner like myself, they just seem kinda silly to run. This one served donuts though and started just down the street from our house so I really couldn't pass it up.

It was totally worth the donut and the shirt with donuts on it though. I think all races should serve donuts. Or tacos. I would totally be up for a taco 10k.


M3 said...

Even I am upset with Miss Zulu. sniff, sniff, sniff. Oh well, try to tell yourself that this is a part of life, cuz, well, gee is. I'm so sorry, though. I know you are heartbroken oven the mishaps. Here's my shoulder, let's cry together.

There, don't cha feel a bit better?

~*katy beth*~ said...

i fully support any race that is food themed/ends in food/has food t-shirts. they make the race (and the $$ you pay) totally worth it!

Tara Jones said...

I would totally be up for a taco 10k! So great to meet you Saturday, btw :)