Friday, June 3, 2011

CSA Week 3

I realize it's a bit odd that I show off a picture of vegetables each week. It would be even more odd if I took a picture of everything I purchase at the grocery store each week (though you would probably be amazed at how much food only 2 people can consume). But the CSA is so much cooler than the grocery store! Everything is always so beautiful and I get so excited each week when I go to pick up my box (from a bookstore of all places). Besides, I know my mom appreciates pictures of beautiful fruit and veggies and this blog mostly caters to her anyway, so here you go, mom...enjoy!

This week's box included peaches, beets, melon, asparagus, kale and radishes.

Speaking of beautiful food, doesn't this blackened tuna steak on mango salsa/relish look awesome?

Well it was AWFUL! I severely undercooked the fish and we ended up throwing it in the microwave. Big mistake. Do NOT ever microwave fish. This is what I get for straying from vegan cooking.

1 comment:

M3 said...

I feel your pain on the tuna...I have such luck with poultry. :(

Your box of goodies leaves me drooling. ;)