Thursday, June 30, 2011

Favorite Magazines

It seems like just yesterday that I was eagerly checking the mail for the latest copy of Seventeen or Teen Vogue. For some reason, even admitting that I love the following two magazines makes me feel like an old woman. Not that "old women" are their target audience, but I still feel like I should be reading Seventeen and not magazines for the Martha Stewart crowd. Apparently I'm a grown up now and would rather read about food and cleaning than boys and clothes.

Honestly though, I'm pretty sure I've always been a Real Simple/Whole Living girl at heart. I was never really into hair or makeup and although I wanted to dress and look like the girls in Seventeen, I never came close. In fact, my favorite part of the teen magazines were the "most embarrassing moments" sections that readers contributed to each month. I never contributed a story, but I'm sure I could have made it into an issue or two. To add to my teenage coolness factor, I'm pretty sure I also had a subscription to Architectural Digest. Maybe it's not such a surprise that I didn't date much (or at all) during high school.

Luckily, I've snagged a cute boy and can can enjoy cooking, cleaning, and living my old lady lifestyle without shame. My mom purchased a Real Simple subscription for me a while ago and I love all the recipes, cleaning tips, craft ideas and other fun articles. She also introduced me to Whole Living. She gave me a copy to read on a plane ride last month and I read the copy at the airport and picked up another issue before I got on the plane. I just signed up for for a subscription today for only $10 for 10 issues. I just checked the going rate for Real Simple and it's only $24 for 12 issues. Both are such a bargain!

P.S. Seventeen is currently going for $15 for 30 issues! So feel free to indulge in that if you'd like ;)

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