Friday, May 29, 2009

I almost forgot to write about our wonderful trip!

I've been occupied this week trying to help Christina find a bridesmaid dress. I think we've found a few options so now I can relax and tell you about our trip to California. We're always so busy when we go out there, but our time is always filled with fun activities and visiting friends and family. Here's a day by day recap of our mini vacation:

Arrived in Santa Rosa around 5:30. Frank picked us up and we drove to Kelseyville. We stopped at Angel's before heading to the house and had dinner. Angel's is a mexican food restaurant and it's delicious. Then we headed home and visited with the family for the rest of the evening. We also got to meet the newest addition to the Totorica household:

This is Sky. She has 3 legs and a little nub. She's the cutest thing in the world and I couldn't put her down. Jake's family has recently started a collection of crippled pets. They also have a little dog that has leg problems. He's adorable too.

This was a very busy day. We went out on the lake, went to Juliann's talent show and then went to see The Lost Boys (more on them later in the post), Tonic and Gin Blossoms. We were really tired though so we left after tonic. Here are pictures from the day:

We drove back down to Santa Rosa, had lunch with Jake's grandma, and then went dress shopping for Jenna and Juliann. We found Juliann a super cute dress, but the two malls we went to were very lacking in the green dress department for Jenna. No worries though, she found one online that's really cute. That night we had tickets to see .38 Special, Styx and REO Speedwagon, but that didn't go quite as planned. Some lights fell down or something and the show was canceled. So sad :( It turned out fine though because we went to see Papa Charlie and Grandma Brown. Papa Charlie's stories are MUCH more entertaining than a concert. Trust me on this.

This was a fabulous day as well. Jake and I snuck away to run some errands and then we just went driving around Lakeport and surrounding areas. We happened to stumble upon a craft fair. I almost peed my pants. I heart craft fairs. One day I'm going to have my own booth to set up at these things. I almost peed my pants again when I saw that they were selling sno cones. I heart sno cones as well, but for some reason they are impossible to find in Las Vegas. Weird, huh? You think they'd be a big seller in these parts. I'm assuming it's too hard to keep the ice cold here so that's why you don't see the little stands on every corner. Come to think of it, I think they replaced sno cone stands with smog check stands because those are all over the place and are the same size as your typical sno cone stand. That evening we had some wonderful bbq food and then went to Jake's friend's house (actually his friend's parent's house). When Tim invited us to come over for the bbq we figured it would just be his family at the house, but no, they were actually throwing a big dinner party. So obviously we had to eat again. Darn, you know I hate that. We had a great time.

We flew back home, but before we left we met the Bastian's for breakfast. This was a lot of fun. They have been friends with Jake's family for a long time and their son, who didn't make it to breakfast, is the lead singer of The Lost Boys. Remember this name because you will hear them on the radio one day. Seriously. They're amazing!! Remember how they opened for Gin and Tonic on Friday night? Well on Saturday night they opened for Journey in Sacramento!!! No, they didn't open for a band that was opening for Journey, they went on RIGHT BEFORE JOURNEY. How awesome is that??? It was great having breakfast with the family and hearing all about the band and just getting to know them. They're a lot of fun so I hope we get to hang out with them more in the future.

That pretty much concludes our vacation. Hope you enjoyed.

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Anonymous said...

That little kittie is so precious!

I loved reading about your many adventures, and I LOVED the photos!