Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm already tired just thinking about tomorrow...

Here's how my Saturday will be spent:

1. Hair appointment @ 9:00
2. Post Office
3. Grocery Store
4. Pick up contacts at Optical Gallery
5. Bridesmaid dress shopping with Erin!!
6. Start addressing envelopes for Save the Dates!!
7. No Doubt Concert!!!! (My friend from work won tickets on the radio)

I'm soooo excited for all of these things (well I guess I could do w/out 2-4).

Speaking of the post office, I have to give my little rant about the new stamps. I fell in love with these stamps a few weeks ago:

I didn't buy them though because I knew that postage was going to be increasing. Today I went to look at the USPS website and found that this design is not available for .44. Ugh...I found one that's not horrible, but definitely not as cute as the one I originally wanted.

Now, I can't REALLY complain about the USPS because one of my favorite people in the whole world is a postman so he more than makes up for this faux pas they've committed. But really, don't they know that the packaging of my save the dates and invites needs to be just as cute as the actual product? Oh well...I guess the card design is somewhat fitting seeing as how we live in Las Vegas and all. I'll try to learn to love them.

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