Sunday, May 31, 2009

2 blogs in one day! (I've been bored)

I just ordered some paper lanterns to decorate the backyard/reception site!
I ordered some 10", 18" and 24" with the intention of doing 4 groups of three (one of each size for each cluster). I purchased them in white, sunshine, light green and watermelon. I think they'll be so cute and I hope I can find a way to decorate with them after the wedding.

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coffeegrounded said...

Just a joke:

Do you need a string of Eskimo Joe lights? lol. Actually, I'm going to make those for Jake one of these days. :)
No home should be without a set.


Seriously, those are a neat idea...the paper laterns. I've seen them in the Martha Stewart mags and have always thought they were pretty.