Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reasons I Love Jacob:

(I decided I need to write a blog and when I asked Jake what to write about he said "me")

  • He has soft feet
  • He sings goofy songs in the morning
  • He doesn't complain that I use all the hot water in the morning
  • He gets the mail every day
  • He has crushes on famous people that are naturally pretty and not the typical "crush" type
  • He takes my car to the car wash
  • He loves Sydney even though he pretends not to
  • He tells me I look pretty even when I know that I don't
  • He knows that he would die of starvation or dysentery or some other type of disease if he didn't have me
  • His deodorant smells good
  • He's always warm
  • He can consume just as much food as I can
  • He listens when I talk about The Hills
  • He's kinda girly about certain things (like when I say "which headband looks better?" he says "I like that one, but the other one goes better w/ your outfit")
  • When my friends tell me the jerk-type things that their boyfriends do, I think to myself "Jake would never do that" and it makes me feel so lucky to have him

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coffeegrounded said...

Oh, this is so sweet.