Saturday, June 27, 2009

We have big news, but.....

I can't write about it for another month :( Our friends and family already know, but I can't reveal it to blogland yet on the off chance that somebody who's not supposed to see it will somehow stumble across the secret information. Let's just say that we're about to start a whole new chapter of our lives. And we're not having a baby (in case you were wondering).

Speaking of babies...we're thinking about getting our actual baby declawed soon. We've talked about this on and off for the past couple of years, but we think the time has finally come. I'm going to make Jake take her though because I don't want her to hate me. I know that cat declawing has become quiet the controversy, but I think it's necessary. She has abnormally long claws and she used them to scratch everything (including my legs). I don't want to hurt her, but I really can't afford to have her ruin any more clothes, chairs, or a future couch that I hope we can eventually purchase. It will just be the front claws that we have removed so that she'll still be able to defend herself in case she gets out. I get sad just thinking about hurting her though. Any thoughts on the matter?


milTAY said...

I still remember going with mom to take Ace declawed. =[

yeah, don't go. trust me.

coffeegrounded said...

My granddaughter is absolutely beautiful!!!! You know, there is a worst case-scenario, and I know you are not even considering it. I applaud you on your decision. She will rebound, and she'll still love you. P.S. Be sure to micro-chip her and send your dad the bill.


megankl said...

She already has a micro chip!!