Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Parasols for the bridesmaids

I'm considering using parasols for the bridesmaids instead of flowers. I think they're really cute, but the main reason is because I'm trying to save time the day before/the day of the wedding. Since we're making all of our flower arrangements by hand I feel that this would save a lot of time and cut down on the stress factor. I still have convince the groom of this idea though. He's not too sure about it. Here are some pictures stolen from google images:

P.S. Our system is down at work and I'm super bored :(


coffeegrounded said...

You choose your flowers and I'll teach one of the bridesmaids, or two, how to tie a quick bow. I found six bolts of white-wired ribbon at a craft store for a buck each. I had no idea what we would do with it, but now I know. (If you don't want to have an added purchase). Also, I bought a yard or two of a coral colored tuille. I don't know what I'll do with it either, but we could always engage it around and through the wired ribbon.?. Also...I found some lime and coral thinner ribbon. Yeah. I bought it too. No! You haven't seen any of these. I never photographed them. Save your money sweet'ems, I'm sure that we can put our heads together and go 'ribbon-tie' crazy.
Mom, #1 & #2

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