Friday, June 19, 2009

3 Months Away!

People keep asking me how the wedding planning is going and each time I'm asked the question I feel like I'm forgetting to do something. It seems the whole process has been too easy (with just a couple exceptions) and that I'm going to get to September 19th and realize I've forgotten something huge! I think the main reason everything seems so easy is that we are basically only using 2 vendors: our caterer and a rental place for table/chairs/etc. Our caterer is so amazing that I feel like she's more of a wedding planner than JUST a caterer. She has so many amazing ideas for the food presentation and all the decorations in general. Here's a list of things that have been excluded from the wedding in order to save money and, more importantly, stress:

No searching for a venue (we knew all along we wanted to have it at Jake's parent's house)
No florist (using flowers from the garden and farmer's market to make our own arrangements)
No DJ (using the old ipod)
No wedding dress fittings (shorter dresses don't call for many alterations)
No bridesmaid dress fittings (they chose dresses that already fit)
No wedding cake (mom is making the cupcakes)
No meeting w/ different officiant's to choose someone we feel comfortable with (Jake's uncle is marrying us)

And here's a list of things we still need to do:

Buy Jake's suit
Pick out a suit for the groomsmen to rent
Have invitations made
Choose linen colors
Purchase wine & champagne to be served
Make Out of Town gifts for our traveling guests
Purchase bridesmaid/groomsmen gifts
Assemble aforementioned gifts in a cute, DIY, way (I have big plans)

Things to do a couple days before the wedding:
Make cupcakes
Assemble/decorate cupcake stand
Assemble gifts for all guests
Assemble flower arrangements

Please help me think of what I'm forgetting! There has to be something! (or maybe I'm just preoccupied with all the non wedding things going on within the next few months).

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