Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Alcatraz at Night

All I can really say is: if you ever want to tour Alcatraz, GO ON THE NIGHT TOUR. It was amazing. Our ship set sail at 4:30 (not actually a sail boat, but you get the picture) and it wasn't dark yet so we had some wonderful views and arrived at the island with plenty of time to see the outside of the prison. I'm sure you get to see some additional outdoor sections of the island if you tour during the day, but the awesomeness of the night tour makes up for anything you might miss. The pictures are pretty self explanatory, but as far as the tour goes, they provide info during the boat ride over and then give you a short tour leading up to the main building with a couple of stops along the way to tell stories. Once you make your way inside you're given a headset for an audio tour. After that you have your choice of a few additional guided tours. We chose one that focused on attempted escapes. The entire thing was so amazing. I want to go back now and actually listen to more of the audio tour. I was a little preoccupied with taking pictures and might not have paid really close attention to everything that was said. Shame on me. But look at the awesome pictures!

Potty break

The following 2 pictures were not converted to black and white. It was just that creepy...

I had to go too

Come back tomorrow for a tour of the Jelly Belly Factory!!

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Margie said...

Foreboding....I can't imagine seeing it in person.

Excellent photo's, Meggars!