Monday, November 8, 2010

(Semi) Vegan Update

It's time for another monthly installment of the "semi vegan diet"! Below you'll see the cookbooks I've been using. All were purchased on for relatively low prices. You might be thinking "Wow, 5 cookbooks?! Recipes are available online these days. Stop wasting your hard earned money on these silly books." Well it is actually very difficult to find vegan recipes online. I have found a few, but definitely not enough to make a whole cookbook.

Here are some dishes I've made the past couple of months. Leave a comment if you'd like any of the recipes.

stuffed peppers and mashed potatoes with jalapeno and corn gravy

veggie-hummus wraps and tabouli

bean enchiladas, Mexican rice and corn

macadamia nut crusted eggplant with chili-lime roasted vegetables

lasagna and Caesar salad

tortilla soup and guacamole

spicy sweet potato soup

pesto pizza with potatoes, sun dried tomatoes, and spinach
(the Boboli crust is NOT vegan, but it's just so easy to use...)

"cheese" dip
This was actually really disgusting. It tasted nothing like actual cheese dip. It took very little effort and very few ingredients though so I wasn't too upset.

I'm still having issues with the time and money aspect of the diet, but I still think it's worth it in the long run so I'm sticking to it. Jake is having a little more trouble with the whole thing. He misses meat. And he doesn't like eggplant or mushrooms. I crave these items because of their hearty consistency that is just as filling as meat. I'm also finding it frustrating that for every 3-4 recipes I try, only 1 turns out good or decent. I'm sure this will get better with time. Some of the recipes are just gross and the grossness is not caused by human error. Okay, there have been a few fails caused by human error, but not all of them!


curlyrunnerbugmovesin said...

semi-vegan! i had no idea. how long have you been doing it? some of the recipies do look really good:)

megankl said...

Katy Beth! I started a couple of months ago. Read here:

and here:

Sometimes I miss meat/dairy when I see Taco Bell commercials, but other than that I'm really enjoying it!