Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Things I'm Excited About:

1.) Jake's birthday weekend. We're going to San Francisco to do a night tour of Alcatraz!

2) An unexpected entire week off for Thanksgiving. I was originally only going to be off Th/Fri, but my boss accidentally made my schedule to include an entire week off. I then had the option to work the first 3 days and be paid by time card (as opposed to my regular salary), or take them off and not be paid. I had every intention of working, but then we planned Jake's b-day weekend to carry over to Monday (his actual b-day) and I decided to be lazy.
3.) An entire week to start and (hopefully) finish Christmas craft projects.

4.) Thanksgiving-an official day of not eating vegan food.

5.) My first Christmas at home since 2006! We won't actually be arriving until around 9:00 pm on Christmas day, but I can't complain. The tickets were free ;) Unfortunately one of my best friends is leaving for a trip to London and Paris on the same day and won't return to Texas until after I leave. I will complain about that.
P.S. I really want these Christmas decorations

World Market

World Market

1 comment:

Margie said...

The World Market items look like something you would have designed!

Have a wonderful weekend in SFO. Take your camera!!!