Wednesday, December 8, 2010

5 things

Today my mom sent me a link about surviving the holidays. I've noticed that as a "grown up" the holidays really aren't what they used to be. The article outlines it all really well and provides reassurance to those that don't absolutely love the holiday season. I'm not saying I hate the holidays, but they are stressful and after a few years of not spending them at home, I'm starting to like them less and less. Sorry to be all Scrooge like, but I'm just being honest. The last part of the article was dedicated to putting time aside each day during the holiday season to write 5 things you are grateful for. It's a simple exercise to shed some light on all the good things during this stressful season. They can repeat themselves and don't have to be anything major.

So I've decided to do this and I'm sure you all want to read about it, right? I doubt I'll make it every day, but I'll try my best.

Things I'm grateful for today:

1. My Christmas tree is complete (with a homemade, decent looking bow on top! Pictures to be posted soon).

2. Going HOME for Christmas this year! Only a couple more weeks!

3. We've been having trouble with the plumbing in our house and the lock on the front door. Both were fixed yesterday and life is just a little bit easier.

4. Jake brought me lunch today. It was yummy.

5. My hair straightener died on Thanksgiving and today I found one online for HALF the price of what you would pay at a store. Let's just hope it's a legit operation and I actually receive the straightener :)


Margie said...

I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the article. I've heard from others that say they liked it too.

I don't think your Scrooge-like for admitting that you enjoy the holiday season less, and less. I found myself doing the same the older I became. Admitting, that something is not as one once found it, can be quite liberating.

Here are my five items for the day:

I enjoyed my ginger tea.

Loved painting the sugar-berry pink on the final wall.

Felt extremely proud that my youngest daughter would share her life during this difficult time.

Grateful that my oldest daughter would 'remind' me to do something.

Happy that I am learning that Rome was not built in a day.

miltay said...

Here are mine.

1. I like that facebook has a "block" system.

2. I'm excited that you are coming home for Christmas.

3. I had McAllisters for dinner.

4. I've been listening to the same Justin Bieber song for about 45 minutes now.

5. I'm almost done with the semester.

megankl said...

Mom, always happy to remind you to do things that benefit me!

Miltay, is it weird that I can't stand Justin Bieber as a person, but still like most of his songs?