Thursday, February 17, 2011

I married the perfect man

During a discussion about when we should give Zulu her new dog treats (aka when we want to keep her quiet for a few minutes).

Me: Definitely during dinner.

Jake: Yeah, for sure.

Me: And during The Bachelor!

Jake: YES!!! There's what, like 8 weeks left?

Me: No, only like 2 :(


Yes, Jake watches The Bachelor with me. And no, I don't tie him to the sofa or threaten him with any weapons. He enjoys it. You should have seen us the other night. We were watching our recorded episode from Monday and waiting for the elimination. It was down to 2 girls. One we like and one we HATE. When it was announced that the one we hate was being eliminated we both let out the loudest screams of excitement. It scared the pets (and probably the neighbors).

I still can't get him to watch any of The Real Houswives though. He gets too stressed out by those shows.


M3 said...

Yes, you married the perfect man, but I already knew that before you told me this story.

Adrienne said...

That is so cute he watches it with you! And I was SO excited to see Michelle go home, she was so mean!!