Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weird Weather Week

So Monday through Wednesday it rained. A lot. Then, on Wednesday afternoon, at about 4:45, it started snowing! Now snow in Lake County isn't unheard of. We're surrounded by mountains and those can get quite snowy in the winter, but I think it's fairly unusual for us to get snow in this part of town. The snow only lasted about 20 minutes or so, but it was an unexpected and delightful surprise. Some areas of Lake County got several inches and many of the schools were closed on Thursday and Friday.

The same thing happened on Friday night, but it was later in the night and we got a little more than the first time. It was pretty much all gone by Saturday morning though. I had hopes of waking up and building a snowman, but it just didn't happen. More rain is in the forecast though so perhaps it will turn to snow again and my snowman dreams will come true.

And since I can't go an entire week without a Zulu picture, here's one of her resting in her cubby the other day.

It's Sunday so don't forget to check the other blog for our latest cooking endeavor. It's a yummy one!


M3 said...

When she's older, can I get her a cubby pillow?

I love snow, but I am ready for spring. I'm sooooo ready!

Do you have leftovers? I'm hungry!!!!

megankl said...

She has a cubby pillow, but she can't have it until she has gone a long time without accidents.

No leftovers at all! Too yummy to save!