Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not JUST a craft room anymore...

Remember when this was MY craft room??

Well, it's evolved into a craft/exercise/music room.

Jake's aunt and uncle gave us their old elliptical machine a few months ago. It's been a lifesaver during these winter months when the mornings have been too dark, cold, foggy, or rainy. Oh yeah, and see that thing right behind the elliptical? That's my beloved rug that belongs in the living room. I have hope that it will return to its original spot in a few more weeks once the puppy is potty trained.

And this is the music side. Too many guitar cases!!! Actually, only two of them are Jake's. The other two belong to Jake's step dad and we're trying to sell them on ebay.

This room is way too small to have 3 different functions, but we're making it work. If you want to come visit us and stay in this room then we're going to need some advance notice so we can clear out enough space for an air mattress.

This is how I spent my afternoon yesterday. Most of these are really old pictures and mementos because newer ones are in scrapbooks or other frames hanging in the house. It makes me smile whenever I walk into the room.

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