Sunday, October 9, 2011

Are you Megan's husband? AKA my moment of fame

FYI: Lake County is small.  Really small. And most people I meet in the community know of Jake, or at least someone in his family.  This has both positive and negative aspects.  The positive is that Jake has a pretty good reputation.  He didn't break the hearts of too many girls in high school and he's never been one to have any enemies.  So when people learn that I'm his wife, I always feel so proud to be associated with someone that is loved by so many people.

And now for the negative....(okay it's not so much a negative as it is a funny story).  The other day someone came into work and when they learned my last name they said "So Celia is your sister in law?"  Celia is Jake's step mom and my mother in law.  NOT sister in law.  I mean, she looks great for her age and all, but I still thought it was a bit odd.  And apparently it's time to buy some wrinkle cream.

So back to the real story I meant to tell....

I was at work the day before the big cycling event and there were several people that came to do some wine tasting that had travelled from out of town for the race.  One couple was really excited to talk about the race.  We chatted for a while about how I was doing the short course and Jake was doing the long one.  They ended up signing up for the wine club and in return, got a copy of our quarterly newsletter.  This particular newsletter contained my intro to the winery.  It explained where I'm from and how I got here (Jake).  It also mentioned where I went to school.  I might have even discussed these details with the couple in person, but I can't really remember because I basically tell the same story each time when someone asks if I'm originally from Lake County.

So fast forward to the next day.  Jake was wearing his OSU cycling jersey and at one of the rest stops, someone said "Are you Megan's husband?"  It was the newest wine club member!

I'm pretty sure that this is the first time ever that he's been asked if he's related to me as opposed to the many many times that people have asked if I'm related to him or one of his family members.  I felt famous.

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M3 said...

Legendary! lol. This is a cute story, M1.