Saturday, October 8, 2011

Two Days In Tahoe

We headed out to Tahoe a couple of weeks ago to celebrate our 2nd anniversary.  We went in the middle of the week since I work weekends and I've decided that we should do all of our trips during the middle of the week.  It was so quiet and not crowded.  Also, rooms are really cheap during the middle of the week.

We arrived late on Tuesday night and went straight to bed.  We slept in the next day, went to breakfast, and then drove to Tahoe City to go on a bike ride.  This actually turned out to be a not so great experience.  I recently got new bike pedals and shoes for my bike and I'd only used them a few times before.  I hadn't had too many problems, but on this particular day I wore a new pair of socks that were much thinner than the ones I typically wear.  This caused me to have a lot of extra room in my shoes.  And this caused a lot of problems when I would try to unclip from the pedals.  I fell twice.  And after the second fall I was just done for the day.  I think we only biked about 14 miles, but it took us around an hour and a half due to all the problems.  I was ready to swear off cycling for good.  We vowed to rent bikes the next time we go to Tahoe.  We saw so many people on fun, recreational type bikes that they were just cruising around on.  I was jealous that they all looked like they were having so much fun and I was definitely not.

We took a leisurely drive back to the hotel from Tahoe City and stopped along the way to get a few more pictures of the beautiful scenery.

We left the next day, but were able to squeeze in a good hike the morning before we headed out.   

 This is the state line for California and Nevada.

 This picture was taken because my sister recently found this picture of my dad:

This was my first time to visit Tahoe and I can't wait to go back.  Maybe I'll even give some winter activities a try.

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M3 said...

It's such a beautiful place; one of the prettiest places on earth. I'm so glad you had a chance to witness it. Definitely return, take me with you, you won't regret it. ;)
I don't know how you folks ride with those bike clips. I'd fall more than once or twice even if I had thick socks and a proper fit with my shoes.
I'm glad to know you weren't hurt.