Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sonoma County Fair

The fair was actually a couple of months ago.  Please excuse the much delayed recap.

This was my first time to attend the Sonoma County Fair.  I was pretty impressed.  First off, they have horse races!  So classy!  Neither of us had ever attended a horse race before and we totally lucked out on free tickets.  As we were walking up to the ticket booth to purchase general admission, a lady stopped us and asked if we wanted her extra tickets.  Her tickets included the fair AND the races!  We used our savings to purchase extra food.

So here are the pictures.  Not much to commentate on seeing as how it's pretty much just a typical fair...

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M3 said...

A tea party, horses, an airplane and some lemons, but wait, there's more: FLOWERS!
What a classy fair. Makes the Texas State Fair look a bit corny-ier. ;)