Friday, October 7, 2011

Zulu Update

First off, I can't believe she's going to have her first b-day so soon!  Maybe her TX grandma will send her some birthday cookies ;)  We'll probably take her to her CA grandma's house for a party with her two puppy friends so they'll need some cookies too.  

She's been going to CA grandma's house a lot lately.  We love it.  She comes home at the end of the day and she's exhausted from running and playing.  Unfortunately, the rainy season is starting up and she won't be able to play outside very much.  She has soooo much energy and even one day of being at home causes her to be super annoying.  This is mostly our own fault though because we definitely haven't given her proper training yet.  We should probably work on that....

We took Zu to be groomed a month or so ago and I can't say I was pleased with the results.  She came home pretty much completely bald with the exception of her tail being left super furry.  I understood that they had to shave her because her fur had a bunch of knots and stickers stuck in it.  I'm a little confused about why her tail was left so furry though.

I pretty much had a heart attack when she walked through the door though.  She looked so "poodle" and it freaked me out.

It really came at a perfect time though.  It was the middle of the summer and her coat was just too much for her in the summer heat.  It's starting to grow back now and she's getting cuter and cuter every day.

 She loves her baby hippo so much!  When I wake her up in the morning to go potty she always takes her hippo with her.  It's so adorable.  I often find her asleep with her arms wrapped around her baby too.  I have to wash it often.  Her light pink fur gets pretty dirty.  

We're currently contemplating halloween costumes for Zu.   I doubt that whatever we choose will last very long, but we've never dressed her up before and I'm dying to see her wear something cute.

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M3 said...

She's so cute! Underneath she is ALL poodle. :)

You should go as Little Bo Peep, Jacob can go as Little Boy Blue, and Zu, she has to go as a baby sheep.. Baaah...baah! ;)