Tuesday, January 26, 2010

3 Jobs

I've never really written about where I work because my jobs aren't very exciting, but I'm adding a third one that I am really excited about so I thought I might as well tell you about all of them. The first job I got after we moved here was at Lakeport Furniture. After about a month of going everywhere in the county I finally found this place. Luckily my degree is Interior Merchandising and I've worked at several other furniture stores so the owner thought I would be perfect. I think somewhere along the lines I vowed I would never work in another retail store, but my options were limited and this seemed like it wouldn't be so bad. And it's not that bad. My boss is really nice and I have set hours that can be changed if needed, but with the economy being so slow right now, a furniture store is not really the most hopping place in town. You can go here to see a view images of the store: http://lakeportfurniture.net/

My other job is at Safe Schools Healthy Students. It's a program through the office of education that provides counseling at schools for kids in various "at risk" situations. I'm only the receptionist, but hopefully I can eventually do something more challenging and rewarding. It's a great program so I hope they can continue to get funding for it. If you want to read more you can go to http://www.sshs.samhsa.gov/. It's a nation wide program so they might have it near you!

My third job is going to be with Totorica Plumbing and Fire Protection! I'm not actually getting paid for this job, but if my work is helpful and brings in more clients, then Jake will get paid more and then he can buy me pretty things ;) I'm going to be designing a website for them. Well...I'm going to attempt to design a website, but since I really don't know much about web design, this might be a challenge. We've purchased a couple of resources from Amazon and my awesome graphic design friend (aka Christina) is only a phone call away, so hopefully I can come up with something that will bring in a little bit of business. I'll let you know how it turns out!

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Anonymous said...

I have great confidence in you, and, yes...I am your mother, BUT, you have taken on other things earlier in your life and you have accomplished much with your talents. This time will be no different. You and Jacob are on the cusp of something extraordinary. Simply continue striving and always remember that there are others on the sidelines cheering the two of you on. We are proud.
Mom #1, #2