Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Framing Predicament

Yesterday we went to Santa Rosa to do several things, but one of the main reasons was to find frames for the following posters.

We planned on going to Bed, Bath and Beyond and Michael's for various things so we figured we'd find some frames at one of the stores. We were really excited though when Jake's grandma told us that Aaron Brothers was have a buy one get one for a penny sale on frames. We made that our first stop only to find out that they had frames in either 24"x 36" or 27"x40". The size of our posters are 26"x39". Huge bummer. The only solution to this problem was to get the bigger frames and then have then have them matted, but that was going to be an additional $35 per poster. We didn't feel like doing that so we went to BB&B and Michael's to look for frames, but neither store had the size we needed. Needless to say, I was super disappointed about this. I think it was extra frustrating because I was so limited in my search options. If we'd had more time and knew the area better we might have been able to find something, but it was getting dark and we were getting tired. I suppose I could search online, but I'm guessing that shipping costs will be expensive too so I think I'll just wait and we'll try again another day. I'm open to suggestions though. Does anyone know of some cheap, big frames? Oh, Jake also got these signs for Christmas too. They don't need to be framed, I'm just showing them off because they're so cool.

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Anonymous said...

I ran thru a few websites and discovered the cost of frames is over-the-top and through the valley, across the desert and above timberline.
Keep an eye out at Ukiah. I'll bet you find what you are looking for...and then some.