Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our Day in Santa Rosa

Jake and I made the big trek down to Santa Rosa yesterday. We started off at the mall so that Jake could get some pipe tobacco. Every couple of years or so Jake gets the urge to smoke his pipe. He's kinda a old man. It doesn't bother me though because he doesn't do it often and it actually smells good. After that we wandered around town. We went into a few antique stores and a costume shop.

This is one of the antique stores we went in. It was huge!! I looked for honey pots, but didn't find any :( I also looked for blue mason jars, but they were all priced $15-$25 and that's just ridiculous. I did find these though and had to take a picture:

Only few people that read this will find it funny, but it's worth confusing the rest of you so that they can get a good laugh.

We didn't actually go in this building, but I thought it was picture worthy.

These statues are all over town because Charles Schulz lived a good portion of his life in Santa Rosa. One day I want to get a map of all of them and spend the day taking pictures. We had to take a picture of this one because it's pilot related.

After all the walking around we were starving so we went to Mary's Pizza Shack. Then we headed over to Sports Authority. I needed some new running shoes and we had a gift card from Christmas, AND they were already $40 off so I ended up paying half of what I usually would! We also wandered around a couple more stores and then headed home. We had a fun time.

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Margie said...

I love the Jacob building. :)

I knew he liked cigars, but I never knew about the pipe. I'm like you, I like the smell of pipe tobacco.

Sounds like you had a wonderful venture. I would have loved that antique store. Glad you got some new foot covers. I can only imagine how many miles you put on a pair in a year!