Thursday, January 28, 2010

My plan for design awesomeness:

I thought I'd share the resources I'll be using to design the Totorica Plumbing and Fire Protection website. If any readers have thoughts on additional things I should use or look at then let me know!

First, we purchased this:

I am SO excited about this. I used photoshop a little back in high school and I always wanted to learn how to REALLY use it because it can do amazing things. I know that this isn't what the professionals use, but I think it will definitely serve its purpose for this project and any future projects. I started playing with it a little the other night, but I definitely don't remember anything so I have a lot to learn. We purchased this to teach me:

To help with the actual website design, I asked Christina (designer extraordinaire) to recommend a book. She suggested this:

If it's not helpful then I'm going to be calling her every 5 minutes or so for help ;)

I also saw this on Amazon and it had great reviews. I read a few pages of it and it's actually very entertaining so we purchased it too.

I'm excited for these to arrive so I can get started!!

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Margie said...

Looks like fun! A bunch to learn, but i know how determined you are and I have no doubt you will do well.


Kudos to you!