Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July Fail

On Sunday evening we headed down to Lakeport to watch the fireworks display over the lake. I was really excited about this and was so surprised at the massive number of people that were in the park. We got there a bit early so we walked around, enjoyed a sno cone, and then walked about a mile to the grocery store to get some sandwiches. Then we walked back to our car, grabbed a blanket to sit on, and headed back to the park. We found a nice little spot to put our blanket and then we sat down to wait for the show to begin. And then we waited, and waited, and waited some more. Finally at 10:00 we'd had enough and decided to pack up and leave. Jake had to wake of early the next morning and we were tired of being in a crowd of people. Then, when we were driving home, at 10:07, we noticed that the show had started. We turned around and pulled off on the side of the road to watch. And we were glad that we hadn't stayed. The show was pitiful. We then decided that the Forth of July should be our designated travel time each year because I'm pretty sure that every other show in the country was better than the one we witnessed this year. However, I was grateful for the sno cone and the opportunity to spend time with Jake so the night wasn't a complete failure.

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