Monday, July 5, 2010

Wedding Album

It only took me 9.5 months, but we finally have a wedding album! Yay! We actually purchased this album forever ago, maybe even before the big day, when Michael's was having a sale on albums. I also got the scrapbook paper a long time ago as well (during another sale), but it was the darn uploading of the pictures to the CVS website that took me so long! Here are a few pictures of our pictures ;)

Sydney says "hi" again!

I know it's not as fancy and cool as some of the professionally made albums that you can get these days, but I think it's perfect for us and it really reflects the feel of our wedding. I can't wait to show our kids one day.

I also put pictures in this cool box type photo album that we received as a gift. It's perfect for holding the pics that didn't make it into the album, as well as pictures that were take by friends and family.


Brittany Ann said...

Good for you! We've almost been married two years, and I haven't scrapbooked over half our wedding yet!

Margie said...

Perfect!...just like the special day. :)