Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Lucky Day

So my obsession with Anthropologie is obvious. I think it's also well understood that I very rarely ever buy anything there because I can't afford it. It's fun to dream though so I'm constantly on the Anthropologie website wishing and dreaming. Well today I found the deal of the century. I check the "sale" section of the website obsessively and any time I'm lucky enough to actually be in the store I always head straight to the "sale" section there as well. I always enjoy the entire store and the entire website, but I know that if I'm ever going to make a purchase then it's going to have to be something that's been discounted. Well today I was perusing the website and stumbled upon something that I'm sure was a mistake on the part of whoever manages the site, but I jumped on it.
I found this for $9.95!!! It was originally $68! Go there right now and get one for yourself! It's also available in red.

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