Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hanging Around....

Life has been pretty uneventful lately. There are a lot of activities going on in Lake County during the summer though so hopeful we will be able to do some fun things in the near future. But for now, please entertain yourself with things that we just hung up around the house:

1.) My plates!

I wanted to hang them in the living room/dining area, but Jake put his foot down on that one. They're too "old lady" for him, but he compromised and let me put them in the kitchen. He typically isn't one to say "no" to something so I know that these things must really bother him. I don't really love the 1st or 3rd plates from the left so I think I'll look for replacements the next time I'm at the Salvation Army.

2.) Weird bird painting

This is the picture I mentioned in a previous post. Mom #2 found this at the Salvation Army a few weeks ago. It's very festive and is hanging in the kitchen.

3.) Wedding Pictures!

I finally had our wedding pictures printed. I'd done a few of them before to make mini albums for our families and to give others away as gifts, but I finally sat down, went through the disk and uploaded all of them to the photo center. Word of caution careful when you type in the quantity desired. I meant to type "2" on a particular picture, but accidentally typed "22". So if anyone wants a picture of Jake reciting his vows then let me know!

We received most of these frames as wedding gifts and I love how they look all grouped together. The picture in the middle is the official Pear Festival Poster from a few years ago. Also given to us by mom #2. P.S. about the Pear Fest, I contacted some organizers a few months ago to see how to go about entering the poster contest and they said they aren't having the contest this year, they're just using a poster from a few years ago. This made me sad.

I got these two frames at Bed Bath and Beyond for $7.49 each several months ago. They're smaller than I'd like, but I can't really complain for $7.49!

I should really get some curtains for those windows....
And Sydney says "hi"

Here are some close up shots

Well that concludes our tour of "things hanging around the house." Hope you enjoyed. Tomorrow you can look forward to pictures of the wedding album that I made!

Oh, and Happy Forth of July!!

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