Monday, July 19, 2010

The Silent Film Festival & Two Triple D Places

Our Saturday started out a little disappointing because we weren't able to go flying, but the rest of the day more than made up for the disappointment. We headed down to San Francisco at about 8:30 and stopped in Santa Rosa so Jake could get some clothes at Kohls. We made it to San Fran about 11:00 and stopped for lunch at Tommy's Joint, a Diner's, Drive in, and Dives restaurant. Jake had a pastrami sandwich and I had a turkey enchilada. We were less than impressed with this place, but we were able to scratch one off of our list so it was still a success.

After lunch we headed downtown to do some shopping. I found a shirt for $5 at Old Navy and some shorts for $14. Then, at The Gap, I found a shirt for $7 and a skirt for $5! I also spent a long time in Anthropologie, but talked myself out of everything that I loved because it was all too expensive.

The shopping made us tired and we had some time to kill before the silent film so we stopped for some frozen yogurt. Now, I'm not usually a "take pictures of your food" type person unless something is really amazing. And this yogurt was really amazing. It wasn't one of those places were you put unlimited toppings in your bowl, but the special flavor they had that day more than made up for the lack of toppings. It was grapefruit sorbet and it was so wonderful. Jake didn't like it because he doesn't like grapefruit, but if you do like grapefruit then this stuff is for you. I want some more right now.

We headed down to the Castro after our snack and got in line for our movie, The Strong Man. It was made in 1926 and was directed by Frank Capra. I guess he was a big deal during the silent film era. The movie was actually really funny and I didn't miss the voices at all. There was a man playing the piano to go along with the film and he was so talented. The music definitely tells the story in a silent film. Well that and the exaggerated movements of the characters.

This is the kind of picture you get when you ask a stranger to take one.

After the movie we headed down to Pier 23 to go to another Triple D restaurant. This one was MUCH better than the first one of the day. We sat outside and watched the boats, ate some calamari as an appetizer and we both had fish tacos for our entree. Yum, yum, yum.

We headed home after dinner and were exhausted by the time we finally made it back. It was a great day though and I'm excited for our next adventures.


Annie said...

looks like you two had such a fun weekend!!! that yogurt looks delish and i love grapefruit and kiwi! yum!
btw, i went to a triple D restaurant this weekend as well! ;)

Margie said...

I shouldn't read your blog at dinner time... :(


A Wedding Story said...

That fro yo looks so good! MMM MMM