Thursday, August 26, 2010

Flat Rate Boxes from the USPS

My mom is the master of the flat rate box. She sends me treats all the time and the boxes are always packed FULL of wonderful things. The other day I asked her to check the local Targets to see if they had any of the drapes I was looking for. She found one panel at one store and then they called another store to get the second one. Well since the flat rate box costs about the same as the drapes, you better believe she packed as much as she could in that thing. She admittedly goes through drawers and cabinets around the house looking for anything and everything. And this is the result:

Drapes, nail files, hooks to hang up my aprons in the kitchen, pictures of a hawk that was in the backyard, 2 types of pasta, rice pilaf, Bulgar wheat, fajita seasoning, candles, toothpaste, bath product samples, and a package of note cards. I laughed the hardest at the toothpaste. 1. because it's toothpaste and 2. because I'm almost out! I bet you wish she was your mom!!

And here are the drapes. They look so much better than the green ones I had. I moved the green ones to the bedroom and they look fabulous, but I forgot to take a picture.

And as a "thank you" to my mom, I will provide her (and you) with pictures of her granddaughter:

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Margie said...

My granddaughter is beautiful! But then why wouldn't she be, just look at her parents. ;)