Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We're Kind Of Ridiculous

Yesterday I was talking to one of my friends on the phone and I'm not sure which incident started the list off, but I kept thinking of ways that Jake and I are pretty ridiculous. I swore her to secrecy on most of these things, but then realized they're too funny not to share.

1. There's a rifle next to our bed. It's for "protection" when Jake is gone. It's not loaded and I can't even pick the thing up because it's so heavy, but it looks scary (and ridiculous)!

2. I filled Jake's truck up with trash bags and boxes full of things I want to donate. It's been sitting in the driveway for several days now.

3. Speaking of trash....When we first moved to town we had a major problem remembering to put the trash cans out on Sunday night. This resulted in a patio FULL of trash for at least couple of months. My head is hanging in shame as I type this.

4. Our water bill has been late the past two times (we have to pay it every two months). It hasn't been late due to financial reasons, but because somebody tends to lose it and then completely forgets about it. I found the one from a few months ago inside a copy of National Geographic in the laundry room. The one from the past billing cycle remains a mystery. I had to call and get the amount.

That's all I can think of right now. I'm sure I'll have more to add later after I take some time to think about it.

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