Saturday, August 21, 2010

Take Your Wife to Work Day

Several weeks ago Jake needed to take a drive to look at a job he planned on bidding. It was a Sunday afternoon and I didn't have any other plans so I went along for the ride. The building was at Lake Mendocino and I think it's some type of place were they teach things to kids. Jacob looks so cute when he's working! I love when "work" doesn't involve him getting filthy and dirtying up the bathtub :)

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Margie said...

The first photo reminds me of Michaelangelo's, David. The second photo begs the question, "Why isn't the photographer helping that guy out?"...and the third photo, "I Tarzan, she, Jane!"

Oh...the fourth one reminds me of a car trip up the mountain and fire and rescue teams fighting a grass fire. My, has it really been almost a year?