Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Target Drapes

I purchased these when we were in Reno last weekend. They were only $8 a piece!

I actually liked these more than the ones that were $16 or $25 a piece. I love Target so much. Almost as much as a craft store.
I've decided that I want to get two more to replace the green ones I got at Walmart a while back. They're just so much prettier, but they're not on so I guess I'll cross my fingers that they'll be in the store the next time I make it to Target!

Please disregard the curtain rods that are way too low. They were like that when we moved in.

I have a hope that one day our landlord will come over and see how cute the house is inside and think to herself "wow, they've really made this a cute home, I should sell it to them for a very reasonable price!" I'll be crossing my fingers for that one.

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Margie said...

I love those drapes!