Sunday, August 8, 2010

Texas Trip: Part 1

I just made it back to Kelseyville and couldn't wait to start blogging about my trip to Texas. I had so much fun and didn't want the week to end. I wanted the super hot temperatures to end, but not the trip. It was so wonderful to see everyone and spend time with my family.

I arrived last Sunday and my family and Siggy were at the airport to welcome me.

We headed home to drop off my things and say hello to the pets. Hannah was so excited to see me!

Then we all went to dinner at Gloria's. That place is amazing. We even went all out and ordered guacamole and queso as appetizers. I think I ate all the guacamole by myself though.... After dinner we headed home and didn't do much because I was exhausted.

On Monday we went shopping at Southlake Town Center and my mom spoiled me and my sister. I actually came back to CA with twice as many clothes as I took out there. Here's our loot:

(my sister's)


We made it to the popcorn place I'd been dying to try and it did not disappoint. The owner's dad was running the store the day we were there and he was so nice. He gave us a ton of samples to try and we walked away with Cornfetti, Blue Coconut, and Dill Pickle. The store is so adorable too. I definitely recommend this place.

We also went to Central Market. My mom shops there a lot and she's always raving about it. It's like Whole Foods, but better because they have samples everywhere!! I picked up this Rice Krispy Treat. I'd read about them before on another blog and found out you could purchase them at Central Market. It was the best Rice Krispy Treat ever.

That concluded day one and two. Check back tomorrow for pictures of The Soda Gallery and some Triple D restaurants!

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Margie said...

What a wonderful time we had. I miss you, already, and I'm planning our next visit as I type.