Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Projects

I was a craft machine this summer. I actually didn't get as many things done as I had hoped, but I love everything that I did complete.

I made these for two of my friends. I actually started them in February and then lost the urge to craft or something. I made sure to finish them before I went to Texas though so I could hand deliver them. P.S. I didn't actually build the birdhouses, they were purchased at Michael's.

I made this painting for my grandma for her b-day. It's a picture of my wedding bouquet.

I made these for my parents for their b-days. They're pictures of some of the wedding cupcakes. I'm trying to convince my mom to open a bakery. She could hang these in there as decoration ;)

I also started a painting that I was going to enter in the fair, but it's not even close to being done and I think the deadline is any day now. I'm just going to wait until next year. I'll post a picture of that once it is complete.


Margie said...

I can't open a bakery. There's an age limit and I have far exceeded it.


I haven't hung my pictures yet, I'm finishing up a few items for Mips before she leaves for college. Then I'll rip into my next project: the kitchen.

Sarah said...

Too cute!! : )