Monday, October 11, 2010

Busy Weekend

Besides the race yesterday, the weekend was packed with fun activities. On Saturday we had to go to Santa Rosa to pick up the race packet, but on the way there we stopped at the Salvation Army. I found a tank top from Banana Republic, a fleece sweater from Lands End and a little tray to use in the kitchen. Sorry that I don't have pictures.

We then headed to Healdsburg to find City Hall. That's where the race started so I wanted to make sure it we'd be able to find it before the actual race. Well I'm glad we did because we drove around forever trying to find it. We missed a street we were supposed to turn on at the very beginning and ended up driving all over downtown Healdsburg. Several times. It's an adorable town though. You should go.

Next we headed to Santa Rosa for the packet pick up at Kendall-Jackson Winery. This place is so beautiful!

They have a huge garden where they grow all sorts of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Jake likes the smell of mint.

We then went to lunch with Jake's grandma, the Charles Schulz museum (post on that tomorrow), Hallmark to see Jake's sister at work, Old Navy (where I found 4 shirts for $12!) and then to Costco.

I'm tired just replaying the day in my head.

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Margie said...

Wow, you did have a busy weekend! You two always pack so much into your day trips. The winery is amazing.

Jake looks like the Zen Master.