Monday, October 25, 2010

"I'm Bored"

were two words I was not allowed to utter as a child. Should I dare to make the statement, I would most often be met with "I can find something for you to do" i.e. some type of chore. This was aggravating. I thought it was so ridiculous that I should be "punished" for being bored. I mean really, sometimes there's just NOTHING to do.

Well we know that's not really the case, but sometimes nothing sounds fun. Or sometimes it's a rainy Saturday night and the Giants are playing an incredibly aggravating playoff game and you're just going stir crazy from being inside all day.

Such was the case the other night so I repeatedly uttered the words "I'm bored." 1. Because I was really bored and 2. because I could utter the words. Nobody was going to order me to do anything around the house. Well I guess someone could have made a suggestion like that, but he knows better.

My boredom reminded me of the times when I was little and would be scolded for saying the words so I reminisced about it with Jake. He said his parents did the same thing.

So after sitting for a little longer, looking through picture albums, and yelling at the Giants, I got up....

folded my laundry

and cleaned the bathroom.

There mom and dad, are you happy?! You win.

1 comment:

Margie said...

Now, sit back and enjoy the reward of knowing that you can use those exact words on your children one day.

Ahhh, the lesson is learned! ;)