Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Take Your Wife to Work Day (again)

Did you know that you can play with fire hydrants and not get in trouble?! Well I'm sure you need a good excuse to do it so I won't recommend that you try this for fun. Jake needed to do a flow test the other day in Ukiah and I went with him to assist. It actually does involve 2 people because you have to do something at 2 different hydrants at the same time so don't think that I was just standing around taking pictures. Okay, well I pretty much was, but I managed to complete my task as well. Most of the time I was just freaked out that someone was going to call 911 to report us.

I didn't get a picture of the water gushing out of the hydrant, but it was quite impressive and managed to clean a good part of the street.

After the test we headed over to the actual building Jake will be working on. It's some type of medical facility.

Here I am in the spot where the elevator will go:

Here is Jake explaining technical stuff to me. He was pointing out that the pipe is called Tyler Pipe because it's made in Tyler, Texas. He learned in school that the place they manufacture it is called the "death factory" because it's so dangerous!

This last picture is of a room called "the lactation station." For real!! It's on the plans! I guess it's where mothers will nurse or something. I find this hilarious. I must be a 12 year old boy.


Margie said...

Some kids simply cannot walk away from playing in water. I think Jacob is a perfect example. He lives life to the fullest, continuing to enjoy his passion without someone shouting, "GET OUT OF THAT WATER, THIS VERY MINUTE!"
;) He can legally make mudpies and get away with it.
Ask him if I can borrow that wrench. I can't get my faucet out front to fully shut-off. Better yet, ask him if he can make a house call.


Desiree Stiles said...

Haha! We have a lactation station in the womens locker room at work! Just wait until you have kids and then you will wish more people had them, saves a lot of people staring at your 'you know whats'! LOL