Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Update on the Space Car

Jake took the car to be looked at yesterday because the service light came on. Turns out that we need a new ac filter, but while he was there he asked about the trunk situation. Apparently there's a little switch in the glove box that can be turned on when you're going to have a valet attendant park your car. You flip the switch and then they use this little key (that we don't actually have) to open the doors and start the car, but they don't have access to the trunk. So basically you can store valuables or dead bodies in the trunk and the valet won't be able to steal anything from you or report you to the authorities for having dead bodies.

How convenient, right??

Silly space car!


Margie said...

I can relate...I am still attempting to understand my dashboard. I find new buttons all the time.


Desiree Stiles said...

What kind of car is this? If I had that my son would flip it and I would never figure that out! Haha!