Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Do I look like I want pictures of myself?!

On Sunday, Fort Day, we ventured out to the post office to get the mail. While we were out we decided to go get something for dinner. We didn't want to get out of the car because we both had pajama pants on, but we also didn't like any of our drive-thru options. We opted to get deli sandwiches from Bruno's, a local grocery store.

Not only was I wearing pajama pants, but my frizzy mess of hair was pulled back in a ponytail, I had my glasses on, and no makeup on my face. Not my prettiest. I ventured inside the store though because I was hungry and to be honest, it's pretty common to see people in their pajamas at the store. I've tried to refrain from this practice since graduating (because in college it's perfectly acceptable to go anywhere in pajamas), but decided to break the rules just this once.


Chatty McChatterson happened to be in front of me in line. I've actually met Chatty before, several times, but she obviously did not remember meeting me. That's not her fault though because I usually look more presentable.

Chatty started telling me about how she just returned from a spa weekend with her husband. She then asked if I've heard of T.A.C., a salon in Lakeport. I said yes and then she handed me her card and mentioned she does professional photography.

Umm...do I look like I want pictures of myself? No. I'd like to pretend I'm invisible right now. Thanks.

I was polite though. I smiled, took her card, and said thanks.

She then proceeded to make the same business spiel to the cashier and the people in front of her in line.

I found this to be annoying, but was relieved that I wasn't the only one that got the spiel because I would have taken it as "Wow, you need some help. Come into my salon so I can make you look a little better."

I understand her drive to make her business successful, but I thought that it was pretty inappropriate to announce her services to everyone she made eye contact with. She might as well have been standing outside the store with a table and signs like the girl scouts.

Oh, by the way, the girl scouts are the ONLY people that should be allowed to solicit outside of the store. They're the only ones that don't annoy me.

End rant.

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Margie said...


I can just envision your thought processes, Megs. We are cut from the same cloth, literally.