Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Bass Bowl

Friday night was the BIG game of the season for Kelseyville High School because they played their rival, Clearlake High School (which is in Lakeport and not Clearlake by the way). This year they called the game "The Bass Bowl" because somebody had the brilliant idea of carving a big bass trophy to give to the winning team. I'm not completely understanding the concept of giving away a big carved bass as a reward for anything other than a fishing tournament, but since bass fishing is such a popular sport out here I guess they thought it would be applicable to reward a football team with it. Hmmm...yeah...moving on....the game was exciting and Kelseyville took home the "trophy"!

In anticipation for the big game, Jake and I had been discussing high school football traditions and the subject of homecoming came up. I jokingly asked if I could wear his letterman's jacket to the game this year and then declared that I also wanted a mum to go with it. Jake had no idea what I was talking about. "A mum?" "Yeah, you know, the flower with the ribbons attached to it. You give it to the girl you take to the homecoming game and she gives you a smaller version that you wear on your arm." *look of confusion* I was shocked. I spent 4 years of high school hoping and dreaming that a boy would actually ask me to homecoming so that I could wear one of the coveted mums! It never happened. According to Jake, I was too busy reading to get asked out by a boy *rolling my eyes*.

I explained the importance of this, but Jake just thought I was crazy. Here's a picture of one I found online:

So is this only something that is done in Texas? Other states must have these too. I mean I know Texans are a bit crazy, but surely other people have heard of this concept. No? Well I could go on and on about the differences in the football culture that I have witnessed in the past year, but I think I'll save that for another time.


Phil said...

The Bass Bowl is perfect! Clear Lake is the bass capital of the world! What better name for a Lake County Bowl? What else could it be? The Walnut Bowl? The Pear Bowl? The Pot Bowl?

The same question could be asked of any bowl? Why do they call it the Rose Bowl?
The Cotton Bowl?
The Orange Bowl?
The Sugar Bowl?

Bowls are generally named after something to do with the geographical area of the bowl. Bass fishing is HUGE in our area, and gets the most national coverage of anything.

Whoever thought up the Bass Bowl was a genius! Think of the possibilities: A bass tournament, a parade, a scholarship...

Go to for more information.

Anonymous said...

Back in the dark ages, when I was in school, spider mums adorned with satin ribbon, in the schools colors, were the rage.
I never got one, either. ho-hum

WTG, KHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm proud of your team. :)

megankl said...

Actually I think the Pear Bowl would be perfect! Especially because there was a PARADE & FESTIVAL the day after the game! Perhaps the winning team could have their own float in the parade each year. I just feel the fishing trophies should be left for the fishing tournaments.

Phil said...

"Pear Bowl" was considered and rejected for the following reasons:

* Too Kelseyville (Kelseyville Pear Festival, Pear Capital of the World, etc.)
* Limited potential for sponsorships

Reasons for the name Bass Bowl included:

* Clear Lake is the Bass Capital of the West, and both Lakeport and Kelseyville share this asset. Outside Lake County we are more known for our bass fishing than our pears.
* Potential sponsors are bait and tackle shops, boat rental/repair shops, and other lake oriented businesses.
* The carved bass dropped in our laps just days prior to the game, and we took that as providential. : )
* "Who will kick whose bass" sounds better than "Who will kick whose pear."
* A line of bass boats filled with pretty girls can make a good parade. We would get in trouble if we had them wear shirts that said "Another fine Lake County pear."

Clear Lake (Lakeport) would not get behind the Pear Bowl, nor would they want to appear in Kelseyville's Pear Festival. But it would have been convenient to call it the Pear Bowl, for the reasons you gave.

megankl said...

Thank you for providing the add'l information. I now understand WHY it was chosen, but still have mixed feelings about it seeing as how I'm relatively new to "country living" and the fish still seems odd to me ;) I'm assuming you are the same Phil that is the Executive Director of the bass bowl and I commend your dedication to the event. I also understand that this has the potential to raise funds and improve the football programs at both schools, but please do the high school players a favor and always remember that the reason for the game is the rivalry. The hard work. The fun. They put their hearts into this competition and I worry that if the sponsorship aspect is driven too hard then it might take away from the game. I've spoken with a few KHS football alum and they were also perplexed by the choice of the fish. I will try to relay this information to them so they will have a better understanding. Perhaps in the future though, students at the schools could be more involved in helping to make such decisions. It probably would mean even more to the students had they had the opportunity to provide suggestions or even taken a vote. Again, thank you for your insight and I wish you the best of luck with the Bass Bowl and any future endevors.