Monday, September 20, 2010

Wedding in Chico and Our Anniversary

On Saturday we took a little road trip to Chico to attend the wedding of a girl that Jake went to high school with. Cute side note: The bride gave him his first kiss! During 1st grade one of her friends went up to Jake and told him that Holly had a secret for him. Holly came over and instead of telling him a secret she gave him a kiss!

The wedding was beautiful and we had a great time.

The ceremony and reception were held at a private estate of a guy that's really into hunting. This is a museum that he has on this property!

On Sunday we made our way to downtown Chico. It was kind of sprinkling outside and nothing was open so we were a little disappointed until we stumbled upon this music/craft festival! It was on the Chico State Campus so we took our own little tour of the school and found all sorts of neat things.

A rose garden!

A river that runs through the middle of campus!

And then an activity meant for children, but we took part anyway!

Jake did not want to participate and he does not like the way his fan turned out. I thought it was beautiful though.

Then we found this really cool consignment shop. I found 2 more (cheap) blue mason jars to add to my collection!

We had a great time, but the weekend went by way too fast. Next weekend will be equally as exciting though because it's time for the annual Kelseyville Pear Festival!

And in honor of our 1st anniversary I have a couple of short stories to share:

1. A few months ago when we were at Tim and Jill's wedding I was talking to a group of people I'd met the night before at the rehearsal dinner. One of the girls was a bridesmaid and she was talking about how she'd heard the cutest thing that day. She started talking about how on the way to take pictures Tim was saying he felt bad because Jill was going to be all dressed up and beautiful and he just looked like he was going to work for the day. Then Jake chimed in and started talking about the first time he saw me at the wedding and how he thought I was so beautiful and how exciting it was for him. sweet, right?

2. At the wedding the other night one of Jake's groomsman was there. During the reception we were talking to him and he said "my favorite part of your wedding was when you sang that song. I got a little choked up."

Me too groomsman, me too...

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Margie said...

Beautiful. ALL of it!


especially Jacob's fan.