Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Lake County Fair

We spent Friday and Saturday night at the Lake County Fair and had a lot of fun. On Friday night we went to the Miss Lake County pageant. Jake's uncle introduced the show and the picture below is of him and Miss California!

We only stayed for a little while though because we wanted to catch the demolition derby. It did not disappoint.

Don't worry...nobody was harmed in the fire.

On Saturday night we went to see The Lost Boys!

Then Jake did this jumpy thing.

It was really difficult to get any good pictures of this, but he seemed to have fun flipping about in the air.

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Margie said...

Is Cirque de Soleil in his future? ;)

Meggars, I realized where I had eaten that wonderful corn and mango salad...At your wedding!!!!

Mom, #&#2