Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dangerous Salsa

The weekend before last Jake picked about a million peppers and we made another attempt at creating some salsa. Jake grilled the peppers this time and went to work dicing and blending. I don't have any pictures of the mess or the end product, but this stuff was h-o-t-t HOT. I mean really, really hot. Take the hottest salsa you've ever had at a restaurant or purchased at the store and multiply that by a million. It is delicious. This turned out to be a problem though because once you start eating eat you can't stop. By the time you do FORCE yourself to stop you are sweating, tearing up a bit, and you basically wish you could cut your tongue off. Well, that's been my experience anyway. And FYI, I can eat spicy food like I was born and raised in Mexico so don't think I'm just wimping out on the salsa.

On a semi related vegetation note, Jake also picked these grapes from the backyard!


DGrub said...

Your salsa looks really hot. Enjoy the photos.. Could you add the photo of final salsa as well. Here's a non spicy version of Mexican salsa with nopales (cactus) http://desigrub.com/2010/09/chontis-famous-crack-salsa/ . I would love to hear your comments on this...

Margie said...


That man needs some fire gear on the sidelines...especially goggles for when those fumes start the overtaking of his eyeballs, oh, and don't forget the respirator for his lungs!


I be so envious. I think my three little pepper plants yielded less than a dozen peppers.
No rain; no gain. And here we are into spring and there's an ever-lovin toad strangler happening as I type. Go figure.

P.S. Send me those grapes, will ya?

Margie said...

Spring really hasn't sprung, just my memory. (Make that, fall, oops...no, just make it summer. Fall hasn't arrived yet, either. See what happens when you get old and weathered? It ain't pretty.)

miltay said...

send mom some peppers! I want to try this salsa real bad!