Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another Example of How Ridiculous We Are

Remember when I wrote about so many of the ways that we are ridiculous? Well I have another perfect example:

I'm not sure how we got on this topic, but Jacob mentioned something about how I need to get a sugar daddy to buy us things and the conversation went something like this:

Jake: I'm sure you could find one in the city. You could go to...what's that place called? the

Me: The commissary?? That's what they call the grocery stores on military bases.

Jake: Yeah! But no, I meant one of those places where you can get dried goods.

Me: Oh, like on Oregon Trail?!!

Jake: Yeah, what's that called?

Me: I don't know, I think it's just called the General Store.

Jake: No, I think it has another name.

Me: Yeah, maybe.

Jake: Let's call Miltay (aka Mallory, my sister)

Replayed conversation to Miltay

Miltay: Um, I think it's called the General Store

She then promised to do some research and report back if she found anything.

Does anyone have an idea?


Margie said...






Better yet:


Margie said...

Dry Goods Store....that's what it is called! Took me a while, but after the fog lifted, eight cups of coffee, and the entire bag of popcorn, I KNEW the answer.

miltay said...

I still can't find it, but then again I always killed enough buffalo to last me weeks on Oregon Trail.

WHYYY do I remember that?

Margie said...

( be too funny!) :))))

megankl said...

oh Miltay....hunting was the best part of the game though!