Monday, September 13, 2010

Bodega Bay

Jake and I ventured out to Bodega Bay this past Saturday. It's only about 2 hours away and is fairly close to Santa Rosa. We needed to go down to SR anyway to run a few errands so we took care of the boring things and then set off to Bodega Bay for dinner.

ship wreck

Our first stop was this cute taffy store.

Then we went to a souvenir shop and asked a store owner for a dinner recommendation. She pointed us towards a restaurant that she claimed had good food, but was less expensive than some of the other places in town. So we went and were severely disappointed. If this place was less expensive than the other places, I can't even imagine how ridiculous they must have been. I was most perturbed that I wasted one of my non vegan meals on salmon that was smothered in a not so great lemon aioli sauce and sat upon a "potato cake". FYI, the potato cake was a fancy name for hash browns. I was starving though so I ate all of it (and some of Jake's). I'd run 8 miles that morning so I was willing to devour anything ;) We had a fun time quietly laughing at a girl seated nearby. She had a glob of butter on her chin during her entire meal, but the people at her table didn't have the nerve to mention it to her. It's the little things in life that we find amusing....

After dinner we headed to the ocean to take in some nice views. Instead we got this:

We couldn't see a thing so we quickly got back into the car (it was freezing) and headed back into town. We stopped here before making our way back home:

These are our "scared" faces.

Despite the bad food and the fog, we had a wonderful time and hope to go back in the near future. It was so fun to spend the day together. We've hardly seen each other at all the past few weeks :( Next weekend we're going to Chico for a friend's wedding and we'll be celebrating our 1st anniversary so I'm sure we'll have some great pictures from that adventure!

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Margie said...

I was frightened right out of my shoes when I saw that last pic! It's not nice to fool with folks my age. Shame on you!