Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Mexican Rodeo

Last weekend we went to the rodeo to help work the beer booth. Jake's uncle is a coach for the Kelseyville wrestling team and they organized the booth in order to raise money. Obviously the wrestlers are too young to sell beer so Jake and I went to help out. It was the craziest thing ever. Take any experience you've had at a regular rodeo and multiply that by a million.

They basically have no rules. Well I'm sure they have some rules, but they don't follow the 8 second rule. They just try to stay on as long as possible and some of them don't even use their hands to hold on! They also have this huge band playing during the entire thing. I've never heard anything so loud my entire life! And they get so dressed up. Everyone in attendance is dressed to the nines in their fanciest rodeo attire. I highly advise everyone to attend one of these if they ever get the chance. It was amazing.

While we were working the booth a guy that works for Jake came up to make a purchase. Jake yelled his name and the guy got all excited. "That's my boss!" he tells his friends. "Oh my gato!!" Oh my cat? I don't know. They have an odd relationship. Too many hours in the car together.

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Margie said...

The rodeo sounds like 2much fun!


(enjoyed talking to my Jacob, today :)